Agile and sustainable mapping!

Understand fast who's doing what with whom, and who's saying it.

Because we're running out of time...

When current events overshadow previous ones, it's more important than ever to to preserve them and, if necessary, to articulate these forgotten treasures around the subject.

And that you always have to adapt.

We don't always know what we're looking for. That's why the panagram leads the user to follow to follow their intuitions, so that from the corrolaries come new angles and topics.

What you want: AI, Hercule Poirot, ecocide, Star Wars etc. Several themes are available (Dark, Fluo, Light, Quarter, Sober...) and can be in your own colors.



Do you want to « panagram » * stakeholders in one or more public and private documents?
I provide turnkey services, rent out an « in-house » hybrid application in which « AI proposes and the user disposes », providing support from start-up to integration.

Write to me at for further details or a quote.

* To panagram: map several sources combinatorially.